CSR Racing Hack

CSR Racing Hack

Ready for a CSR Racing Hack?  Get ready for the master cheat tool this 2014 and get unlimited supply of gold and cash!  CSR Racing is a free to play app which you can get and download from itunes or google play.

This drag racing game from NaturalMotion allow you to take your favorite cars to the streets and race.  Keep winning and you get to buy new cars and upgrade each.  But that is no problem if you have our Hack tool where you automatically get free gold and cash.  That means unlocking the best cars you ever dream of up to the highest tier without spending any real money on gold or cash.  This tool is great money saver because of its features and it is totally safe and undetectable so you can be sure that your account is away from the ban hammer.

How To Get and Install CSR Racing Hack

    1. Close and save your game
    2. Download the file we have provided for you at our download page
    3. Unzip the it using winrar or winzip or other similar app.
    4. Transfer the unzip files to the right folder or location where you installed your game
    5. Overwrite any file that comes in conflict.  This also means you installed in the right folder
    6. Reboot your unit
    7. Fire up the game and start purchasing
    8. When asked to pay, click cancel
    9. This will automatically credit the gold and cash to your account.
    10. Go buy all the cars and upgrades you want

Smoke all your opponents!


There are two sets of mods inside the folder.  One for iOS users and the other for Android so be sure to select the correct folder when you load it to your device.  And yes, I know what you want to ask.  Does it require jailbreak?  No, absolutely not.  No jailbreak is need for iphone or iOS users so get it right away.

Are you ready to CSR Racing Cheats this 2014?  Get the download file now. Its Free!

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